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If your family is in need of temporary assistance for needy families.

 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) replaces the AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children), formerly known as "welfare". Welfare Reform efforts in Indiana have placed an emphasis on "work first" and "personal responsibility," replacing cash assistance with transitional services that help people gain employment and depend less on public aid.

What is TANF?
TANF is a program that provides cash assistance and supportive services to assist the family, helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Indiana's State Plan for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Block Grant

Who is eligible for TANF?

Families with children under the age of 18.

To see if you might qualify for Cash Assistance (TANF), click here to find out.

May a family have any real or personal property?

A family may not possess assets valued in excess of $1,000 at the time application for assistance is made. The house, which is the usual residence, is exempt.

Where do I apply?
To apply for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, contact your local Division of Family Resources Office in your county of residence. The local Office of Family Resources in each of the ninety-two Indiana counties has the responsibility of processing applications, certifying eligible applicants for participation, and issuing benefits. Applications may be taken to the local DFR office, mailed or faxed.

    * Application in English
    * Application in Spanish

What happens after the application is filed?

A decision will be made to grant or deny assistance within 30 days of the date of application, unless there is a valid reason that prevents the local office from making a decision.

How does the county DFR office determine the amount of cash payment?

Financial eligibility initially is determined by the number of eligible family members and their total income. The income is compared to a set standard based upon family size. The standard for a family including children and their caretaker is reflected in the chart below.

Income Standard
Family Size     Gross Income Limit     Maximum Monthly Benefit
1     $286.75     $139.00
2     $471.75     $229.00
3     $592.00     $288.00
4     $712.25     $346.00
5     $832.50     $405.00
6     $952.75     $463.00
7     $1073.00     $522.00
8     $1193.25     $580.00
9     $1313.50     $639.00
10     $1433.75     $697.00

What are the responsibilities of the applicant or recipient of TANF?

The applicant or recipient must provide the Office of Family Resources (DFR) with accurate and complete information regarding the child(ren), parent(s) and all other household members whose income and needs are to be assessed in order to determine eligibility. In addition, individual members must provide their Social Security numbers, meet state residency, citizenship/alien requirements, employment and child support assignment requirements.

Changes in circumstances are to be reported by the recipient to the local DFR office within 10 days of the date the change(s) occurred.

What if an applicant or recipient is not satisfied with an action taken on his or her case?

The applicant or recipient has the right to appeal any action on his or her case and have a fair hearing. An applicant or recipient may appeal by sending a written request to the local DFR office or to the Hearings and Appeals Section of the Division of Family Resources within 30 days of the effective date of the action taken on his or her case.

    * Apply for Services
    * Locate an Office
    * Child Care
    * Check My Food Stamp Balance

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B100   in reply to Chynap
Don't move to Indiana...just don't ..I wish I never did.
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I just have trouble making sure I understand the guidlines chart. So for a family of 4 their saying we would get $712.00 or $346.00 ???? or are they saying that we get $712.00 and we cannot make more than 346.00??? I am planning to move here to Allen county, but coming from a place where my family size for 4 gives us 621.00 in cash and almost the same thing in food stamps. Trying to make sure my family will be able to maintrain stability with this if I am reading this chart right???
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HomeMomautisticson   in reply to phil
I live in Elkhart Township in Indiana and asked for help 1 time. They were going to pay a week of our rent, however they assigned my husband hours to work at parks department. My husband has signed up for disability because of his back. How is he supposed to work for assistance? I have never heard of this. He wishes everyday he could work for our family. Because he couldn't do it - we didn't receive the assistance on our rent. Sad.
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 in response to phil...   I went to them they can not help morgage is to high because of being late and new company tacked on to much intrest when they bought our morgage
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 in response to cb915...   

Yes, sometimes or all the time state guidelines and even other sites guides lines can be crazy. I am refering to me trying to apply to modestneeds and was off 72 bucks from getting help. I can' even make it part time on 10 bucks an hr and if I didn't have disability help a little I be out in the streets...It is hard.

Try to apply to modest needs

for one time assistance with rent. I don't know if you are a single mom or have a husband and if so can he find anything a job?? I know it is hard to find work period. You can try

For work from home ideas and also

for work from home ideas too

Good luck and sorry it is so hard out there. Many including yours truly feel it.


Talk to Starshine

These guide lines are crazy I am the only one working in my family and I only make 7.25 an hour and we can not get cash assistance and are going to loose our home. tell me how you can pay everything on 7.25 an hour thats crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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 in response to MeMyselfandI...   Hi if you don't have transportation or do but lack gas for it in my blog is a place to apply for gas for your car. And I know about small towns as my mom grew up in one and everyone knew about everyone's business. Phil is lives in Indiana and is a member but hasn't been on in a while..Good luck and hope you can get some food etc...
Talk to Starshine

If you live in a big city in Indiana there may be resources - but most of Indiana is small town - no resources at all.   If you want to get anywhere you need transportation and gas to get to it - often the only food pantry in my county is empty of food - and they have a once a month rule.  They also report your information to all the other county agencies - everyone knows everything here.

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 in response to MeMyselfandI...   

I am sorry that some systems don't work the way or better like we want as you pointed out. Maybe you can bring it to their attention about the young clients with cell phones being treated better than an older person?  I would do that if I were you..

I hope things work out better for you at the end of this ordeal.

Thank you for your input. 

Talk to Starshine

I am in my first reapplication phase - after a year of hell on this program - non stop paperwork - hounding and pounding by caseworkers - I was due again to reapply - probably have submitted 150 pages alone - had my 2 hour phone interview (very unpleasant) - I am in the office in person 1 to 3 times a week as required to submit more paperwork - and my case is now past 30 days and nothing has been done - no letters from them - no phone calls from them - no answers at all.  If I ask a question they just make something up - because they have screwed up and don't want to admit they have.  They want clients to give up and go away - or better yet just die. And this is just for Snap - not tanf - since I do work parttime and get partial unemployment.  I also have to job search 20 hours a week and document that as well.  The caseworkers are beyond rude and hateful - I just don't understand their attitude.  I have observed in the past year - that the young clients with the fancy cell phones and nice cars - get treated very well - while I see little old ladies yelled at and treated like poo.  It makes no sense.


Now I have to print out all the appeal documents - and copy all my documents again - and resubmit them again - which is costing more than the state actually provides in Snap benefits.

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 in response to phil...   Well that leaves me out !! But someone can use it and maybe other states have it.
Talk to Starshine
 in response to Starshine...   In Indiana every township has an office designed to basically run the township and they offer all tyoes of assistance. Its nothing like going to the city hall. This is the only place I have ever lived where they have this.
Talk to phil
 in response to phil...   

Thank you and by townships trustee office do you mean city hall??

I never heard of that out here. 

Thank you 

Talk to Starshine

some counties are able to apply or assistance online at

they also give you the latest info on what dfr office you can go to in order to apply. Tanf can take up to 30days to process. if you are in a position where you need help now, go to your townships trustees office. they will pay your rent/mortgage utility bills(if they are in disconnect) They have vouchers for food in the form of gift cards to Kroger. They will give buss passes to those trying to get a job. If you want heating or cooling assistance you have to call your local community action group. If you need some kind of medical insurance theres always Wishard Advantage. Indiana has a lot of food pantries as well call 211 for info.

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 in response to sheshe030...   Sheshe030 THERE  is a Green light when you are online. I see it by my avatar and yours..Sometimes people will be on line but maybe not logged in and I scan avatars seeing they are on line but usually there is a GREEN light meaning you are on line.. Well I hope you have a peaceful night with Kev and just walk away from his jabbing you about Bush.. And let him watch his golf. That is all mom use to do Sundays..I like the scenery of golf courses and some of the players but that is about it...I tried playing golf and did a few times but chasing,hitting a little ball wasn't my kind of fun..I would cheat and throw it at the hole.
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 in response to Starshine...   comment to Starshine:--Your always telling me something about my light being on. What are you talking about? I see no lights on anyones avatar including my non-avatar. Are there supposed  to be lights because I have never seen any at all. I just went in to ask my hubby if I could talk to him and he completely turned around in his chair and told me to move as he couldn't see his golf. Now I'm really getting steamed, Tiger Woods didn't win and I just knew he would especially since all the crap he and his wife have been through lately. I had bet my hubby $5 on tiger and he came in 3rd or 4th or whatever. Anyway Kev won, his guy got the jacket Damn. Anyway Kev won't talk to me so if he wants a little debate tonight he'll get one but I always win because men don't use reasoning when their angry and women do and he knows if he pushes my buttons and he will, I will verbally blow him apart but he also knows that I hate doing that as sometimes we say things that can't always be taken back. If he really wants to get me going he likes to stand up for all the republican decisions made by Bush and then I start turning bright red and my eyes start squinting and I shake all over. Now remember, I haven't had any sleep and the very mention of what Bush did to our country puts me on a tirade that can last hours. However, he has only done that twice because I think I scared him to death. I made him Mac and cheese every night for a week and I turned all his clothes inside out and piled them all on the floor. To top it off I got up early on a Monday morning and waited until he got in the shower and then I reached in and took the cold water knob off the fawcett so he couldn't turn it off. By then we called a truce and we haven't had a big debate like that for a few years. We do have fun with our disagreements but we always try and debate first and then if that doesn't settle things we go into warrior mode and play dirty little tricks on each other. He is actually a staunch democrat but uses Bush to push my buttons. so much for the lady that doesn't sleep. sheshe030
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 in response to sheshe030...   

Well your light wasn't on then. I wrote her too but a short one. I will have to read it. I know no sleep makes me cranky too..Good go apoligize to hubby...I am sorry I am laughing as I use to crank off on my ex who wouldn't call to say I am running late like really late then bring me a taco for a peace offering at 11pm when he use to visit friends or when he use to work late till it got dark. And tell me I will be home early. I just started on the weekends going to work with him as we never saw each other. I think you can write an excellent blog for how not to be a bitch when you have gotten no sleep. I look forward to this one.



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 in response to Starshine...   Reply to Starshine:---No, I wasn't gone. I have been writing a long post to Magnolia Blossom, sometimes people need to take baby steps in learning how to be happy again after feeling so sad and powerless for so long and I just wanted to show her how to find her happiness and power again a step at a time. There is so much beauty and happiness to be found around us but sometimes without us knowing it we get lost in the monetary stuff of life and living with a partner that is also fighting his own demons it's hard to see that beauty even though it's always been there all the time. I hope she reads what I wrote with her heart and not her head because  the mind can cloud happiness with all kinds of little negatives that can cancel out the good that the heart and only the heart can hear. I'm still here and I really hope that I can sleep at least a few hours tonight because I just yelled very loudly at my hubby and I'm afraid I have hurt his feelings, we just do no yell at each other or hardly ever argue for that matter. Sleep deprivation can do a number on your head, he just told our grandaughter to pick up after herself and I came at him like a she wolf with bared fangs. He looked at me as if I were a complete stranger and I think I'm becoming one. This will be the 5th night and a total of 5 hours sleep in 5 days and nights. I have to go in now and apologize for turning into a wild thing. I will be here though so if you don't see me for a few I'm probably off composing how not to be a bitch to your hubby even if your sleep deprived. hugs sheshe030
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 in response to sheshe030...   

Gosh your gone again. What are you doing eating the food already? LOL. I just called one tm job left my phone number. It use to be in hotmail you could hit back button and it went backwards.. I think the cooking is great for you as it will probably wear you out so you can rest tonight- I hope 

Love ya


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 in response to sheshe030...   

Hi sheshe030

I just ate cereal. I haven't had time as figuring this computer do do out. I have many jobs from c list that need looking at and still having problems here go to my messages and get a wierd page have to click on profile then messages...HELP

You food sounds good. What a cook..Neighbors went to the store and chatting with another member one to one about ask people like me yesterday going to store let me know etc. And they went to the store oh well I managed with not eating till now all is ok. You know the jive.Tell you something and not do it or not take calls

all is ok 

Let you know when I get computer time about the c list jobs..

I had my day planned doing many things bill things and cleaning lady over manna

Eat hardy LOL



Talk to Starshine